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Hey guys! My name's Natalie and this blog is dedicated to my unhealthy obsession with Rooster Teeth. You should also know I have a tiny, wee infatuation with Joel Heyman. Any kind of prompt or request is always welcomed!
5 months ago on 02/9/14
Anonymous asked: I'm not really sure if you ever come online anymore but if you do. I miss you. I know this is on anon but I feel like it'd be awkward to be a random follower just saying 'I miss you'... anyway. I hope you're doing alright and enjoying yourself. See you when ever you end up coming back. <3

It is incredibly sweet of you to send this message and I am doing quite well. After I moved a lot about my life changed obviously, including my use of this blog. I don’t know if I will ever continue using this blog but it is very comforting to know that someone actually cares, so thank you.


its so rainy here today


its so rainy here today


AH/RT Challenge: (2/4) Favorite Rooster Teeth Employee

Joel Heyman 


AH/RT Challenge: (2/4) Favorite Rooster Teeth Employee

Joel Heyman 

Joel on the end of America

12 months ago on 07/28/13

Wow I’ve been doing a lot of read mores lately sorry about that 

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2/8 Achievement Hunters- Ryan Haywood

1 year ago on 07/26/13

Question Tag 

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1. Favorite food?


2. Where do you want to be in ten years?


3. Favorite youtube video?

Oh jeez um probably the wipeout minecraft episodes

4. Celebrity crush?


5. Your personality in three words

Determined, opinionated, impatient

6. Dream holiday?

Probably just being in some kind of inn during the winter with hot chocolate and someone I love romantic or otherwise watching dumb movies and wearing big fluffy blankets

7. Any sports?

I used to play basketball and softball and now I’m dabbling in archery

8. Guilty pleasure?

…long island medium

9. Do you play an instrument?

I play cello rather well, and I’m only okay at guitar, electric bass, and piano

10. Favorite hobby?

being lazy

11. Any regrets?

all of elementary school, all of it

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1. Favorite artist?

2. What’s your favorite thing to “art” like painting, sketching etc.?

3. Favorite hobby?

4. Favorite movie?

5. What’s your middle name?

6. Any siblings?

7. In what country/state do you live in?

8. Do you have a diary?

9. Do you like coffee?

10. Describe your favorite pair of shoes

11. What’s the color of your hair?